A Wardrobe Makeover that Will Keep Your Closet Neat and Trim.

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There are hundreds of closet organizing systems that help you neatly sort your wardrobe into smaller organized spaces. But this entry is not about how to reconfigure closet space. Instead, we want to focus on what you put in your closet, that is, how to create and best maintain a wardrobe.Mannequins_04-25-12Whatever fashions appeal to you, it’s best to have a core outfit in mind when buying clothes. Unfortunately, most of us buy clothing on impulse rather than with a specific need in mind. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest look and it’s no surprise that we end up buying more clothing than we use. (See our Fool Proof Guide to Creating an Awesome Wardrobe)

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Think of your wardrobe as an evolving story that’s constantly changing. You create your story one outfit at a time. Learn what outfits make you look and feel good, expand on them, and edit out clothing you’re not sure of. You can use MyClothingHelper to organize your wardrobe and to know what clothes to donate.

Forget for a moment that you have a closet full of clothes. Imagine instead a complete makeover. Someone is going to buy you a new wardrobe if you can just first write down what you want and need.

Create your ideal core outfits by writing each down on a single sheet of paper. For example, the first outfit may include a blue jacket or sweater for a top with a pair of grey and tan slacks. Then perhaps a white, a blue, and a pink shirt, plus shoes and accessories. Use any and all resources to create these new outfits; memory, catalogues, magazines, and your present wardrobe. Create 5 core outfits per season.




By starting from scratch you force yourself to be purposeful, direct, and efficient. You will find that there are many clothing items on your list that are not in your wardrobe. These are the items you should focus on buying. You will also find that there are many clothing items hanging in your closet that do not fit into your real or imagined wardrobe. Consider donating these clothes.


Keeping in mind your core outfits when shopping, ask yourself, “does this item compliment and expand any of my core outfits?” If not, “do I want to start a new outfit with this item?” If the answer is “no”, don’t buy it. Focusing on your core outfits will prevent you from buying clothes that you rarely use, promote your fashion look, and keep you closet neat and trim.



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