Washing Clothes And Saving Resources

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There are clothing items that can be worn more than once between cleanings, obvious examples of this would be jackets, sweaters, pants, and dresses.  This is in contrast to clothing items that can only be worn once between cleanings. contruction workersIf you are a construction worker you probably are not going to get extended wear between cleanings.

If you work in an air-conditioned office there is a good chance you can get extended wear between cleanings, because this lightly worn clothing is still fresh enough to wear.


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But depending on the type of use, most of us can get multiple wears out of many items hanging in our closets.  Like any other resource, clothing wear needs to be managed properly.  When you pour a fresh bottle of milk onto your cereal you don’t throw the rest away down the drain.   large milk being poured out

The milk will still be fresh for a number of days.  Many items in our wardrobes are still fresh like the milk; they can and should be used again.  Getting the full utilization out of our light worn clothing is important for proper clothing and resource management.   When you clean an item that doesn’t require cleaning you are wasting valuable resources, like pouring good milk down the drain.  Washing clothesYou are wasting the water that cleans your clothes, you are wasting the energy used to heat the water, the energy to dry your clothing, you are wasting detergents, the energy and the chemicals in dry cleaning, the added wear and tear on the appliances, the cost to you of paying for these resources, your time, and moreover, over-cleaning your lightly worn clothing will damage and reduce the life expectancy of your clothes.

These are all very good reasons to be aware of and properly manage your clothing wear. So how are you supposed to remember how many times you have worn the many items in your closet?  MyClothingHelper was invented to do just that.  No more guessing if it is still fresh enough to wear or if it should be cleaned.  MyClothingHelper is the simple and inexpensive way to manage your wardrobe.mchtriptych The MyClothingHelper Blog is dedicated to producing quality content on practical and fashionable living advice. If you liked this article, please take a minute to explore our website and visit the store page.