Best way to save on laundry by knowing when to do laundry.


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Want to know one of the best ways to save on laundry? Stop over washing! Over washing damages your clothes and makes you spend more money. OK, but who over washes their clothes?
In fact, most of us do -we are not talking about underwear here. Depending on our work and our body chemistry, most of us can get multiple wears out of our clothing between washes. But even when we can, often we don’t get the full use between washes because it is hard to remember and track clothing wear.

Why is it important to track clothing wear? Well, even if you can afford to do unnecessary cleaning, you would not be doing your clothes any favor. John Gielgud arther

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Imagine a few of your favorite outfits. Under normal conditions, cleaning wares down your clothes more than wearing them. So why would you want to spend more money to damage your favorite clothes?images-1

Let’s say you wear a particular shirt and pants outfit to the office. Under normal conditions you could easily wear them once or twice more before washing. But, will you remember that they are still fresh two weeks from now?


woman guessing
Now multiply that by forty or more items you would like to be tracking in your closet and you start to see the problem. With so many clothes in our wardrobes it’s hard to remember when and how many times we wore each item between cleanings.

Alright, now let’s say it’s laundry day.   You have a number of things that you know need washing and a bunch of items you are unsure of. So to be safe, you decide to throw them all into the hamper or take them all to the dry cleaners. Because we don’t remember the freshness status we end up over washing, wasting more money and resources than we need to on washing and dry cleaning, while damaging our clothes.

You may be saying, I know when my clothes are dirty? Yes, that may be pretty obvious. 200220420-001The question is, do you know when your clothes are still clean? People have asked and tried to answer that question in many ways. (see Clothing Care 101)  To varying degrees we all attempt to track clothing wear. You may smell and inspect your lightly worn clothes before considering them for reuse or wash. But if you are like most people, the biggest part of your system relies on memory and guessing.

MyClothingHelper was invented to easily track clothing wear. It goes on any hanger and counts how many times you wear an item between cleanings.  Imagine, every time you go to your closet you will know at a glance the status of your clothing. Knowing the freshness status of your clothes will save you money on laundry and save your clothes from over washing.

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