Water, Water, Everywhere…How to save water


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Seen from outer space, the refreshing uniqueness of earth is its water. With atmosphere, oceans, lakes, and rivers; we are swimming in life nourishing water.

With all this water how can we ever run out? Remember Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, “Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.” There will always be plenty of water on earth but will we be able to drink it?

The overall amount of water on earth hasn’t changed in 2 billion years. Yet some have estimated that nearly a third of the population does not have a safe supply of water.  (http://www.lenntech.com/water-trivia-facts.htm#ixzz2ZuD4aY8m). The problem isn’t that the earth will run out of water, but that people in different parts of the planet can run out.

Water is an abundant resource but it isn’t equally available in all places. Millions of us live in areas where water is becoming scarce. Tragically, this is especially pronounced in the poorest regions of the world where many people have a hard time accessing either water or clean water.

In the US, until recently, our wealth and technology has made living in near-desert conditions attractive. Now, however, the increased population in these areas has put a serious strain on the available supply of water. So, until we figure out how to economically create clean water on demand, we should all start acquiring the habit of conserving water whenever we can.

There are many simple common sense things that a person can do to reduce water consumption: install a water saving shower head, don’t leave the water running when you  brush your teeth or shave, reduce your lawn size by planting shrubs and flowers that require less water, and many more. For 100 tips on how to conserve water see, http://wateruseitwisely.com/100-ways-to-conserve/. And also please try out our new invention, myclothinghelper. Among its many benefits it can help you reduce your household water consumption. (http://myclothinghelper.com/category/earth-friendly-practices/).

Most importantly, to directly help people around the world get access to safe drinking water we suggest donating to well known and well-run charities such as World Vision, Catholic Relief Services, and Americares. And the next time you need to buy a birthday gift for someone who has everything consider donating to a water charity in their name.

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Reducing Water Consumption, A New Approach

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There are many ways you can use less water. Some of the most common are to cut back on lawn watering or washing cars, or to use more efficient appliances like washing machines, toilets, and showerheads. But one method has eluded us until recently: Saving water by reducing unnecessary clothes washing.

MyClothingHelper, a new product designed to track and manage wardrobe wear, helps to conserve water by preventing the washing of clothes that are still clean enough to wear again.

Say you decide that you can comfortably wear a pair of pants at least three times before washing them. You wear them once and hang them back in your closet. But a couple of weeks later, you’ve lost track of how many times you wore them and you end up washing them after only one wear. This extra cleaning not only represents wasted water, it can also damage your clothes and cost you money.

Every day, millions of people do more laundry than necessary because they can’t remember if their clothesare stillclean. When you’re not sure, the tendency is to fill up the hamper because, well, you’re washing anyway.

According to the EPA, the average family does seven wash loads per week. If by using MyClothingHelper the consumer saves two wash loads per month (50 to 75 gallons of water), billions of gallons per month can be saved when multiplied by 130 million households.

With MyClothingHelper, you clean only what needs to be cleaned and that means you only use the water you need. It’s an easy way to conserve water, protect your clothes, and save.

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