Clothing Care 101: How many times do you wear clothes before washing?

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How many times have you gone to your closet, picked out an item, and asked yourself,  ‘Can I still wear this?  Is this fresh enough to wear again?’Women deciding what to wear2 People have asked and tried to answer that question in many ways. I used to hang my newly cleaned clothes towards the front of the closet and my lightly worn clothes towards the back.  But once I had a number of lightly worn clothes hanging in the closet it got pretty confusing.What to wear1 With a closet full of clothes that can take a couple of weeks or more to rotate through, how was I supposed to remember whether I wore the item once, three times, or not at all?   A clever friend told me that she would button her dress shirts to remember and count on the buttons how many times she wore the shirt between cleanings. Most people inspect their clothing to see that it looks clean.  After that some people smell their clothes.   But a clothing item could pass both tests and still need cleaning.

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Man washing clothes4
Not knowing how many times you wore an item between cleanings generally leads to over washing or under washing of your clothes. When it comes to washing or dry cleaning, many of us add additional clothing items to the wash just to be safe.What to waer2Also, not knowing and guessing what is still fresh enough to wear adds additional stress when trying to get ready in the morning.   MyClothingHelper solves this problem in a simple and inexpensive manner.   Without guessing you will know exactly what is available for each occasion whether you are going to the office, a special event, or working in the back yard. Carefree children running2You will be confident that you are washing all the clothes that need to be washed yet not over washing clothes that are still fresh enough to wear.

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