5 Summer Dresses That Should Be Hanging in Your Closet

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The summer months are often synonymous with beautiful weather. It’s a time of year for lightening up, relaxing and dressing for the season. It offers a great opportunity for women to show some style, fashion flair and color in their wardrobe as they dress for the warm and breezy summer months. Here are some of the essential dresses every woman should make a part of their summer wardrobe:

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The Summer Sun Dress

Nothing says summer like a light, strappy summer sun dress. Go for spaghetti straps and a fitted elastic bodice to contour your core and allow your arms and shoulders to get some sun. As for hem lines, you can go a short as you dare, but sun dresses at knee length work very well. Add some airy sandals or even a pair of sneakers to complete this classic, carefree and feminine summer look. Sun dresses are truly great for showing off your summer glow and spirit.

The Maxi Dress

Whether you wear it to shop at the Sunday farmer’s market or as a swim suit cover up on the beach, every summer wardrobe needs a maxi dress or two. They are so versatile, they work well for day or evening wear, and the only accessories you’ll need with a maxi dress are a necklace and a handbag. As for footwear, they work great with sandals, flats or flip flops.

A Jacket Dress

Whether you’re headed into your shift at work or going out for a night on the town, a jacket dress is a must for every wardrobe. They’re also perfect for those cooler summer nights when the temperature drops after that beautiful sunset. Don`t be surprised to see jacket dress hemlines that are headed farther north this season. A lot of shorter styles will likely be available to choose from in the stores. The jacket dress look is versatile and depending upon how you accessorize it, it can look casual or dressy.

Feminine and Flowing Dresses

The structure of the jacket dress most definitely creates a beautiful and elegant silhouette, but a feminine and flowing dress can give your figure a more romantic and relaxed feel. Wear one of these dresses to a picnic, a barbeque or to the beach. The focus isn’t as much on your shape as it is in creating softer edges and a more subtle look through layers of soft or gauzy material. Enjoy the smooth, comfortable feel of this look.

Classic Cocktail Dress

No summer wardrobe would be complete without a classic cocktail dress or two for those evening or formal events. While styles of cocktail dresses can vary, you’ll want at least one of them to be black. Summer or winter, when it comes to evening wear, the little black dress never goes out of style. Pair with heels and silky stockings for an attention-getting look at the club or that formal dinner party.

While all of these summer fashion dress essentials are amazing for any wardrobe, ultimately every woman has her own take on what fashion means to her. Feel free to mix, match or improvise based upon these ideas. You’re an individual, and you know what you like and feel comfortable in. Always dress to fit your personal style. The sexiest accessory to any look is confidence, so no matter what you choose to wear, make sure you feel good wearing it.

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