9 Unique and Stylish Laundry Hampers

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Who says laundry has to be boring? Check out some of our favorite unique and stylish laundry basket designs. We especially like number four. Number nine sure looks beautiful, but how does it smell? We’re not sure how we feel about framing our dirty clothes like fine art.

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1. Felt shark laundry basket $150 via Etsy

2. “Clothesline” laundry hamper $39.99 via The Container Store

3. Willow laundry basket $24 via Amazon

4. Burnished metal rectangles $585 via Wayfair.com

5. Woven West African basket $198 via Vivaterra.com

6. French wire hamper $159 via Pottery Barn

7. Bamboo lattice hamper $99 via The Container Store

8. Rattan elephant hamper $69 via Home Decorators

9. “Polyp” laundry basket / ornament via Helene Steiner

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