MyClothingHelper is like having your own personal assistant.

The Clothing Wear Tracker

Choose the right outfit with confidence

The reality is that we all have clothes that can be worn more than once before cleaning. MyClothingHelper tracks the freshness of your clothing and helps you decide which item is most appropriate for the occasion.

Coordinate Your Outfits

With MyClothingHelper you can quickly put together your outfits. By tagging each item in an outfit with the same number, 1s with 1s, 2s with 2s, etc. you will always remember your best matches.

Add variety to what you wear

MyClothingHelper can track the day and the week you wore an item or outfit. The numbers 1 through 7 printed on the ribbon can represent the days of the week.  If the window reads “2”, then you know you last wore the shirt on a Tuesday. The four colored ribbons allow you to track the weeks of the month.

Utilize more of your wardrobe

On average, people only wear about half of the clothes in their closet. If you use MyClothingHelper to track how often you wear an item or outfit, you’ll find out right away which clothes are your favorite and which ones you tend to neglect.  For example, if the window on most of your clothes reads “2”, but a few read “5” or “6”, maybe you should avoid those high-numbered items next time. Instead you can add more variety into your wardrobe by choosing something with a lower wear number.

Reduce stress

One of the most stressful parts of our day can be getting ready in the morning. MyClothingHelper makes deciding what to wear easy.  Like a personal assistant, MyClothingHelper can tell you what matches; when you last wore it; and what you can confidently wear for the occasion. The simple convenience of knowing saves times and reduces stress.

Be good to the environment

By using MyClothingHelper you can prevent over-washing and that helps to conserve resources like water and energy. You will also reduce the emission of harmful dry-cleaning chemicals into the atmosphere. With MyClothingHelper you can help the environment while saving time and money.

Increase your closet awareness and become a smarter shopper

Using MyClothingHelper gives you lots of valuable feedback. One of the most important is learning which clothes you wear often and which clothes you rarely wear. Knowing what you actually wear will help you make smarter clothing purchases. Sure, that shirt may look nice in your closet, but if by using MyClothingHelper you discover that you never wear it, maybe it’s time to let it go. You’ll think twice next time you’re tempted to buy a similar item. MyClothingHelper will help you discover and refine your fashion sense.