Get More Use Out of Your Clothes This Fall

Time to put away those shorts and tank tops and break out the sweaters and cardigans; autumn is upon us! In the hot summer months, a walk from your car to the office building might make you break a sweat. But in the fall, dropping temperatures make for a more enjoyable commute.

The Clothing Wear Tracker

Keep clothes fresh & organized
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As you transition your closet from summer to fall, consider how many more clothing options you have. Layering clothes and utilizing more of your wardrobe is the fun part, but keeping track of clothing cleanliness and repeat wears usually isn’t. Yet, the season’s chillier days mean you can comfortably get extended wear from your clothes. All you need is an effective way to track clothing wear.

MyClothingHelper counts how many times you’ve worn something. With MyClothingHelper, you can make quick and easy decisions because the information you need is always right there on your hanger. MyClothingHelper is the perfect fall accessory to keep track of clothing wear.

Also, consider that by using MyClothingHelper you can actually extend the life of your clothes. That’s because you’re preventing unnecessary over-washing, not to mention saving money on dry-cleaning.

This fall, treat yourself to something other than apples. Try MyClothingHelper and make your clothes and your closet happy. It’s just one more reason to love fall.

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