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MyClothingHelper tracks and organizes what you wear by answering these three common questions:

  • What pieces of my wardrobe go well together?
  • When was the last time I wore this outfit?
  • Is this shirt clean enough to wear?

Matching Your Outfits
With MyClothingHelper you can quickly put together your best outfits.  Simply tag each item in an outfit with the same number; 1s with 1s, 2s with 2s, etc.


Add Variety To What You Wear
With MyClothingHelper you can avoid wearing the same outfit to your weekly meeting.  If “1” is Monday, and the window reads “2”, then you know you last wore the garment on Tuesday.  Tip: Use the 4 different colored ribbons to also know which week of the month you last wore that dress.

Choose The Right Outfit
Is this shirt clean enough to wear to dinner? MyClothingHelper tracks the freshness of your clothing and helps you decide which item is most appropriate for the occasion.

With MyClothingHelper:

  • You will quickly put an outfit together.
  • You won’t ‘repeat wear’ an outfit.
  • You won’t waste time deciding what’s still clean enough to wear.

MyClothingHelper is easy to use and it works on any hanger.


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