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We’ve talked here before about closet clutter and how to maintain clothing order, but the closet is just one of many organizing challenges in your home. From neglected junk mail to old produce in the fridge, there are items in your house that can and should be thrown away. If you want to be organized, it’s important to know yourself. If you want your space to stay tidy, LifeOrganizers.com says you need to know if you’re an early bird or a night owl.

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“Organizing your home or office does take some energy. That’s why knowing your peak energy level is so important. If you’re an early bird and your energy level is very high in the morning, that’s the best time for you to de-clutter. If you have more energy at night, organize during that time instead,” from Life Organizers list of 20 Little Known Organizing Secrets Used by Professional Organizers.

They also say to open mail over the recycling bin. “Don’t carry your mail over to your desk or table where it’s bound to pile up and take hours to go through later. Open it right over the recycling bin, and get rid of all unnecessary mail and inserts immediately.”

Over at Woman’s Day, professional organizer Kate Brown says, “If you don’t like labeling, find some other way to communicate your organizational system to yourself and your family, either by using translucent bins or by simply involving everyone in the purging process so they have a better idea of your goals.”

And when you’re finally ready to tackle the closet, trying hanging up a discard bag. “I keep a shopping bag with a handle in the front of my closet. Every time I try on a piece of clothing and then take it off again because it’s unflattering, doesn’t fit, is pulled, stained or out of style, I put it in the bag,” says Brynn Mannino in the Woman’s Day article 8 Secrets of Personal Organizers. By keeping track of what you wear, MyClothingHelper can help you identify those pieces of clothing that you never wear.

If you want to be more proactive about managing your wardrobe, try MyClothingHelper. By tracking clothing wear you’ll organize your closet, protect your clothes from harmful over-washing, save time and money, and you’ll become a smarter shopper.

For clothes and other items in your home that you no longer use but still have some life in them, scout out a local donation bin or find charities in your area that are accepting donations. Some organizations will even pickup your donated items directly from your home. The social enterprise, Zealous Good, is a Chicago based company that links donors to nonprofits for an easy and meaningful way to give back.

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