How to Properly Hang and Care for Your Sweaters

There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones that fold their sweaters and the ones that hang their sweaters. Which category do you fall under? Personally, I’m a fan of both methods. My button-down sweaters go on a hanger and my regular sweaters get folded and put on my closet’s top shelf. Yet recently my “top shelf” sweaters have become quite an organizational headache.

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Now that we’re deep into “sweater weather” territory, my carefully folded and stacked tower of sweaterslovingly admired in the summeris now routinely disrupted. And so I decided to find out once and for all how to properly hang a sweater. This video from eHow Presenter Rachel Yatuzis shows you in the most simplest terms, how to hang a sweater.

How to Hang Sweaters — powered by ehow

Hanging a sweater also means you can use MyClothingHelper to further organize the clothes that hang in your closet. Use MyClothingHelper to tell you when the last time you wore your sweater or if it’s time to take it to the dry-cleaner. If you have several special care (dry clean or hand wash) sweaters, consider grouping them together on your closet bar as you would to color coordinate your clothes.

And for those sweaters that are too heavy to be hung? Check out these shelf dividers to prevent stacks from toppling over. Or use a shelf sweater bag that works like a shoe holder but is wider and deeper to accommodate sweaters.

Cold weather clothing may present more organizational issues but closet harmony is achievable. Learning how to properly hang sweaters and using organizing tools like MyClothingHelper will help keep your closet on the right track year-round.

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