How to quickly put an outfit together.

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 Reaching into your closet, how many times have you asked yourself – Which pants look great with this top?  What else can I wear with this skirt?

imagesThere are a number of ways to address this problem.  One way is to hang your clothes together as outfits.  However, an item in one outfit may also work well in another outfit so it isn’t practical to hang all the variations together. In addition, most people end up hanging their clothes by category; pants with pants and shirts with shirts etc.

So, with a closet full of clothes, how can we quickly remember the different combinations that keep out outfits looking fresh and distinct?

The Clothing Wear Tracker

Keep clothes fresh & organized
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Some people take pictures of their outfits and some use an app with their smart phone or computer to create a photo library.  But both of these methods take time and require you to look away from your clothes.

A better and quicker solution would be one that tells you instantly what matches while you glance through your wardrobe without needing to access something else to get the answer.  MyClothingHelper will do just that. matching skirt, blouse, sweater

Now, without having to hang your outfits together, and without referring to your smart phone, computer, or a photo booklet, you will know instantly how everything matches by just looking at your clothing.



How it works:

IMG_0732Using the 24 pack, place MyClothingHelper on the hangers of the items you want to match. The ribbon on MyClothingHelper is numbered 1-7.

Simply identify an outfit by labeling each item in the outfit with the same number. The 1s match with 1s, the 2s with 2s, etc.

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