How to Stylishly Reuse Your Old Clothes

Buying new clothes is great, thrilling even. But it’s not always financially feasible to do a complete style overhaul. “I need to update my wardrobe,” you may have heard a friend lament, “but I have no money.” But what if there was a way to spruce up your clothes without the expense? With some helpful advice from blogger Catherine Cassidy, now there is.

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Cassidy suggests first purging your closet of clothes you no longer wear. MyClothingHelper offers an easy and fail-proof way of managing your wardrobe and identifying what clothes to get rid of. Then you can get get creative.

“I’ve guided clients to alter pants into shorts, take a couple of inches or some sequins off a dress to make it more current or simply using a small purse as a clutch instead. Also, don’t be afraid to try things that you think may not work. You might have a happy accident and find that it actually works really well!”

For clothing plagued by holes there are other options besides the dumpster. First consider the money, energy, and man-hours wasted when you dump your gently-used clothing., an online guide to saving money, reports that a t-shirt takes 400 gallons of water to create, from cotton ball to store shelf. A pair of jeans requires 1,800 gallons of water. “Thus, when you throw away clothing that still has some life left,” says Tip Hero, “you are throwing away not only hard-earned dollars but also natural resources–some of which (like petroleum, and water) are not renewable.”

“Many of the quick fixes, and some of the more involved projects, may appear to require a sewing machine. However, given the long-lasting adhesion of many modern fabric glues, this is no longer true,” the site reports. Instead of throwing away your shirt, “if the sleeve of a blouse is torn, remove both sleeves and add a rim of lace or rickrack.”

Cassidy also outlines one of the biggest mistakes you can make when you do have cash to buy new clothes.

Duplication. Buying too much of one item because it’s a favorite, is a mistake. Dresses and skirts don’t count unless you have 5 LBD’s (Little Black Dresses) and 10 variations on a black skirt. Casual tees and tanks are often a problem. If you’re buying all of the same, you’re not doing yourself any favors as far as maximizing your wardrobe.”

By reimagining your old clothes and making wise new purchases, you can revitalize your wardrobe without breaking the bank. And if you use MyClothingHelper, knowing what you actually wear will help you make smarter clothing purchases and extend the life of your clothes. Not only will you save money and have new things to wear, you’ll feel good about not wasting resources associated with clothing disposal.

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