Clothing Care: Managing Clothing Wear Of Not-Yet-Dirty Clothes

“In-be-cleans,” “purgattire,” “tweener duds” are some of the names given to those clothes that have been worn but aren’t ready to be placed in the laundry basket. Just about everyone has these clothes and we try to keep track of them.

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I’ll start by explaining a typical scenario that leads to in-be-clean clothes.  Most of the time I’ll wear a pair of pants to work, sit in my office all day (where I don’t exert too much physical energy), and then change when I get home. Considering the climate-controlled environment I spend most of my time in, unless I spill something on my clothes, the reality is that this hardly-worn clothing is perfectly wearable. I find it’s reasonable to get at least two and maybe even three or four wears from my clothes.Office workers2

But the issue arises of how to organize and keep track of these clothes. You know you’ll wear them again, but you’re hesitant to put them back in your closet where you might confuse them with freshly-cleaned clothes. So often times they end up hanging from hooks and doorknobs, strewn across hamper bins and chairs, or forgotten in a heap on your bedroom floor, your “floordrobe,” if you will. But that’s not really the most organized or aesthetically pleasing way to organize. If your clothes are not dirty enough to be washed, then they are clean enough to hang back in the closet.girl & clothing-pile 2

Some people use a system of hanging clothes backwards in their closet in order to differentiate between dirty and clean. Others rely on the sniff test, a decidedly unscientific, and to some, a gross method of keeping track. (Don’t even get me started on those people who don’t wash their clothes until they are visibly dirty). Ultimately, these methods only get you so far. Sure, you may be able to tell the difference between clean and slightly-worn, but how do you know when it’s actually time to wash?Young man holding pile of clothes 2

The only way to really know is to use a system that keeps track of how often you wear your clothes. That way, not only do you know whether it’s clean or been worn before, you know exactly how many times it’s been worn, and therefore how dirty it is. MyClothingHelper is a product that does just that; it literally counts how many times you wear something. This information allows you to wear something again (and again, if it’s still clean enough) with confidence. No need to waste time while getting dressed in the morning trying to guess what’s fresh and what’s semi-worn.

Using MyClothingHelper can help you get more wear out of your clothes. As a result, you’ll do less laundry and minimize wear and tear on your clothes. Not to mention, it also encourages you to get those in-be-cleans off the floor and back into your closet! It’s a simple tool, but one that provides valuable and practical information to help you organize and maximize your wardrobe.

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