Why Are Kiton Jackets Expensive and Are They Worth It?

Are you one of those who like to keep their fashion game on point? It’s essential to get the proper clothing for the right circumstances. In recent years, the clothing trends have changed tremendously. Various kinds of jackets in the marketplace are bridging the gap between casual and formal clothing.

One such option is Kiton Jackets, leaving a mark on the fashion industry across borders. With a price range of $6,000-12,000, Kiton Jackets are not everybody’s cup of tea. 

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Kiton, founded by Ciro Paone, is one of the biggest clothing brands in the Italian clothing industry. Led impressively by Paone and members of his extended family, it has grown multifolds in the 1990s and early 21st century. The golden question of the hour is whether Kiton is worth it. But before that, we will look into why and how Kiton Jackets have proved to be so expensive: 

Stylistically Proven 

Kiton Jackets have proved widely successful over the years. One of the primary reasons behind it is the stylistic hallmarks of this brand. Jackets lie at the core of this brand. The structure is such that the jacket is soft and natural. The casual details are highlighted beautifully here.

You can look through the excellence of these products paired with the top-of-line materials. If we go by the wordings of Kiton itself, they like to call it “a mix of nonchalant elegance and a level of casual with a sporting feel.” It won’t feel stiff like a regular jacket that you wear to work. The rigidity is less, and thus, there’s much more relaxation. 

Different Colors, Patterns, And Textures of Kiton Jackets

The most crucial thing in a clothing product is its variety. When we question whether Kiton is worth it, we look into the array it can offer its audience. Generally, these jackets are single-breasted. But you will also get a double-breasted jacket here. As far as colors are concerned, you will get all the possible varieties.

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Whether you wish to wear a bright or dark jacket, Kiton Jackets will be readily available in all colors. Their linings are made from Cupro or Bemberg. While you might prefer Silk or Cotton, Cupro or Bemberg are better in ways like they are anti-static, more breathable, and also absorb moisture. 

Different Sizes of Kiton Jackets

The sizing of these jackets is not very straightforward. Since the brand is Italian, the sizing is European. As you might know, there are quite a few differences between European and US sizing. A size 54 in Kiton would be a size 44 in the US. However, Kiton goes a level up in terms of describing the sizes.

So a regular length will be described as “R08”, an “L” for “Long,” or “S” for “Short,” or 07 or 06. The unique thing about Kiton Jackets is that sometimes, two jackets of the same size can fit very differently. The sleeve length is going to differ in both cases. 

Jacket Materials 

The most important part about any product is its material, which provides speculation about its durability. You can just touch a Kiton Jacket and understand why Kiton is worth it in the marketplace across oceans. Apart from being soft, these jackets are comfortable and have a luxurious feel to them. Kiton keeps experimenting with its material from time to time.

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Image Source: Kiton

They also use vicuña, which happens to be the most expensive fiber in the world. However, their most used fabric has to be cashmere. So if you prefer clothes with soft material, you should look forward to Kiton Jackets. 

Air Of Uniqueness 

We already told you how each piece of the Kiton Jackets differs from the others in size. But that’s not just limited to the size of the jacket; the same can be said about its color, pattern, and design. This allows you to keep a wardrobe full of such jackets, which you can use depending on the occasion.

If you’re going to a wedding, wear something light. But when you need to attend a business meeting, your jacket should be darker, showing a lot of formality and elegance. The same can be said about the patterns of the jacket too. With Kiton Jackets, you’ll get all kinds of varieties that you wished from it. 

So, Are Kiton Jackets Worth It? 

We discussed how Kiton Jackets in the USA have various awesome features. But the biggest issue with these jackets is their prices. Isn’t paying $6000-$12000 for a single jacket too much? We shall look at how and why Kiton is worth it

Lasts A Lifetime 

The quality of the material is unmatched at Kiton. Once you buy a jacket here, you can rest assured that it will last for an extended period. So, whether you want to attend weddings, funerals, birthday parties, or job interviews, you can carry the jacket everywhere. We have already told you how Kiton Jackets are designed so that you can use them for various occasions. To top that up, you also get durability on this product, which will last for a considerable period. 

Thought-Through And Well-Designed 

When you wear a Kiton Jacket, it will automatically make you stand out in a crowd. It’s because the jackets by this brand are thoroughly thought about and designed meticulously. You can take the example of the lining here.

You will get a reserve in your top shoulder, which makes the Kiton Jackets comfortable. The softness of the cloth is commendable, too. There’s a huge range of movement and the softness of their fabrics. You will feel luxurious wearing this jacket. 

The Brand 

When we discuss whether Kiton is worth it, it essentially has to do with the brand and whether or not it fits its billing. There’s a reason why Kiton Jackets in the USA have become extremely popular. While the design and the quality are huge reasons people love it, the heftier price tag is undoubtedly because of the brand and its impact.

Originated in Italy in 1968, this brand has made its mark across oceans. So not only jackets, jeans and shirts always remain in high demand. It is one of the best handmade tailors in the world and stands out for fashionistas all over the globe. 

Final Words 

Whether Kiton is worth it or not lies entirely in the hands of the end customer. Most people might want Kiton Jackets in the USA but can’t reasonably afford the price tag. If you look beyond just the expensive nature of these jackets & Kiton brand, you will realize that they will fit into your wardrobe for a long time. In this day of fast fashion, when clothing becomes outdated within a short span, Kiton stands out with its long-standing appeal!

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