Adidas Vs Adidas Originals – Full Comparison

Adidas is one of the world’s most prominent apparel and footwear brands. As with other major names, Adidas has different sub-brands and collections focusing on different niches. One of them is the Adidas Originals collection. Let us get deeper into the Adidas Vs Adidas Originals debate.

adidas vs adidas originals

What Is Adidas Originals?

Adidas Originals is a sub-brand of Adidas that deals with casual and sports apparel but with a retro touch. Under this line, Adidas sells modern renditions of classic products like the Superstar sneaker. 

Adidas Vs Adidas Originals

There are three key differences found while discussing Adidas vs Adidas Originals. 


One of the most noticeable differences between the two is the branding. The general Adidas products have the familiar three-stripes logo on them. On the other hand, the Adidas Originals products adorn the classic trefoil logo instead. 


Adidas focuses on general apparel and footwear under casual and sports categories. 

Adidas Originals has a line of retro products that introduce heritage into the mix. 

Target Audience

Adidas’ focus is a larger, general demographic in sports and fitness. The Originals collection appeals to those who care more about retro fashion and aesthetics. 

What Makes Adidas Originals Special?

A few key factors make the Adidas Originals a bit extra special:

Heritage & Retro

Celebrating heritage and paying homage to the Adidas roots is one of the main focuses of this sub-brand. You will find a lot of throwbacks and modern renditions of old-school Adidas designs under the Originals label. The heritage line has its own collections, each with a unique personality and identity. Some collections focus on revisiting the older Adidas products, while others borrow some elements to fuse them together with modern fashion.

Streets & Culture

Adidas mixes the comfort of casual and the power of sports in the street-inspired collection of its Originals products. Adidas is known for its sportswear, but the Originals collection adds more color and style. The collection includes casual wear as well. It includes sneakers, joggers, accessories, and more. 

Limited Editions

Adidas Originals frequently releases limited-edition products. These special releases usually collaborate with artists, designers, and other influential figures. These products are not just clothing but are often treated as collector’s items.

Adidas Originals Collections

A wide range of apparel is exclusively available in the Originals range, from casualwear to something more stylish and poppy. It includes t-shirts, jackets, footwear, bags, and more accessories. They fall under multiple sub-collections.


The Superstar collection is one of the most iconic products in Adidas’ history, and it’s no surprise it’s still in demand under Originals. This collection is a tribute to the classic Adidas Superstar sneaker but with a modern twist.

It borrows the classic silhouette first introduced in the 1970s and fuses it with modern materials, innovative technology, and vibrant colors. 

Stan Smith Originals

This collection is named after the legendary tennis player Stan Smith. This line of apparel is all about minimalistic elegance. It’s not limited to just shoes, you can find bags, pants, hoodies, and more in this line. 


The Adicolor collection is all about colors. The collection was first launched in the 80s with customization in mind. Customers could paint and draw over the shoes to decorate them to their liking. 

adidas vs adidas originals

Adicolor is now sold as a collection of Adidas Originals, with vibrant and modern renditions of classic Adidas footwear. 


The Forum collection is all about basketball and an offering by Adidas Originals to those who live their lives around the court. The range consists of apparel and footwear that combines fashion and functionality.

You will find retro aesthetics all over this sub-collection but with a contemporary touch. The Samba collection is available for men, women, and kids. 

Gazelle Originals

The 70-year-old Gazelle is available under the Originals label with the same old low profile in a modern setting. 

adidas vs adidas originals


The Originals Samba collection stands for a fusion of style and sport. Adidas brings back this soccer classic with a modern touch under the Originals label. Pretty colors, stylish silhouette, and the same old Samba. 

Why Is Adidas Originals So Expensive? 

Adidas Originals is a premium brand that is going to cost some money. But what makes the sub-brand expensive is its heritage. The line reintroduces classic Adidas products that are extra special and costly. The innovations and technology used in the brand line influence the price tags too. 

Difference Between Adidas Originals And Adidas Performance

A few differentiators between the Adidas Originals and Adidas Performance are:


Adidas Performance focuses more on performance and functionality, as the name suggests. The Originals collection, however, is known for its visuals and aesthetics. 


The product range of Adidas Performance is limited to athletic apparel and footwear. Adidas Originals have a wider range of products including bags and other accessories. 

Target Audience

The target audience of Performance is athletes and fitness freaks. Originals products also appeal to those who are looking for style and comfort. 


1. What is Adidas Originals?

Ans: Adidas Originals is a sub-brand of Adidas. The brand began in 1997 with an exclusive focus on casualwear and sportswear. 

2. What can you find in the Adidas Originals range? 

Ans: The focus of the Originals sub-brand is mainly casual and sportswear. The range also has a lot of retro apparel and fashion with a hint of street culture. You can also find season-specific apparel in this brand line. 

3. When did Adidas Originals launch?

Ans: The Adidas Originals line has been operating since 1997. 

4. Is Adidas Originals more expensive?

Ans: Adidas Originals is a mid-to-high-end brand. The pricing varies according to the product type and to the collection it belongs to. But generally, Originals products fall on the more expensive side. 

5. What’s the difference between the Adidas and Adidas Original logo?

Ans: Adidas Originals has a separate logo to differentiate it from the main brand or similar sub-brands. Instead of the classic three-stripe design, Originals products have a trefoil logo.  

6. Where can you buy Adidas Originals?

Ans: The Adidas Originals line is sold both online and offline. You can buy their product from a physical store or the official Adidas website. 


That’s all you need to know about Adidas Originals and how the sub-brand differs from its parent brand. The Originals collection is one of the most unique offerings of Adidas and deserves the hype that it gets. 

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